Edgewater NW is a leader in innovative water and energy technologies and energy consulting.

Our original name was Edgewater Environmental.

We provide consulting services throughout Oregon from our home base on the coast near Newport.

We are pleased to announce that we recently opened an office in Portland, Oregon to better serve the needs of clients in northwest Oregon.

We take pride in walking our talk of energy, water and carbon efficiency. Our home office is 100% powered by renewable energy that we produce on-site with wind, solar and hydro systems. Our office is the model of low impact construction with mostly found and reused materials. We are passive solar heated when there is sun and otherwise heat with a wood burning rocket stove masonry heater with heated bench. We operate as close to paperless as possible reusing each sheet that comes through the door.

An organic food garden is located just outside of our office.

We enjoy sharing information with folks on how to begin moving toward self-reliance in water, energy and food issues.

Our Services include:

Onsite sewage treatment systems (Septic Consulting)

    * Orenco Advantex onsite sewage treatment systems (residential and commercial)

Our primary business is to provide consultation for design, construction and service of onsite sewage treatment systems. 

BPI Proctor services for the Home Performance industry 

Energy Consulting for people and builders getting ready to construct a new home or business

Water efficiency devices

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We offer devices to simplify homeowner built systems from Rain Harvesting

Energy Efficiency for Existing Homes

We are BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Trade Allies with the Energy Trust of Oregon for Home Energy Solutions. As a trade ally contractor of Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help with cash incentives and state energy tax credits to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Energy efficiency devices

    * Sunfrost refrigerators (the most efficient refrigerator available AC or DC powered)

   We are also available to consult and supply materials for:

Green - Sustainable - Natural Building Products

Aged Lime Putty for mortars, plasters and renders.

We are pleased to announce that we were the suppliers and appliers of aged lime putty for the restoration of the Yaquina Lighthouse at the BLM Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area in Newport, Oregon.

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